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A few years ago, you may remember (if you’re a dedicated follower) that I signed a contract with Disney, specifically with the international division of the former Walt Disney Internet Group (now the Disney Interactive Media Group). One of the details gave the company the right to publish certain paper models that I have designed. I cannot go into contract details, but it appears that the models are finally popping up on Disney websites, specifically the Disney Insider. Many thanks to Caleb for finding this and bringing it to my attention.


Some of the models have been grouped together into a single ZIP file, so you may be downloading more than what you thought. For example, if you download Jack Sparrow’s compass, you will also get both the spinner variant and Jack Sparrow’s crystal ring. As Caleb pointed out to me, you’re also supposed to get Jack Sparrow’s onyx flower ring, but Disney accidentally left out the model parts. Let’s hope they get around to fixing that.

You’ll quickly notice that all of the copyright and trademark information that I normally place at the bottom of the model pages has been replaced by “©Disney.” This is perfectly normal, and falls within the arrangements of our contract agreement. Oddly enough, if you scroll up and down through some of the PDFs quickly, you can get a quick glance at my original disclaimer notice. I can’t blame them; there are a lot of pages, and it is tedious work to try to graphically change that information. Moreover, many of the older files need to be updated to Illustrator and/or Photoshop files, which is even more time consuming and tedious.

Here are the models that Caleb found, and how they are bundled:

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If you happen to be searching other Disney websites, be on the lookout for more paper models, and be sure to contact me and let me know both what you’ve found and where you found it.

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  • Trader Sam:

    Wow. What a way to start the new year.

  • Caleb:

    Glad I could help out, and that everything was on the up and up! Congrats on the recognition. I always said your stuff was the best, now even Disney is showing it!

  • Deb:

    That is so cool! How rewarding to have your hard work published and by Disney!

  • Laota:

    A few years ago? Wow, that went by fast!

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