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TRON: Uprising

Trader Sam

Disney has posted the first episode of “TRON: Uprising” onto YouTube. Immediately, the visual style of the characters remind me of the MTV animated series “Aeon Flux” (which I enjoyed). Everyone has long, thin arms & legs, short torsos, and exaggerated facial features. It’s a little funky at first, but the style quickly grows on you.

As a prequel, the story has some interesting details that don’t quite match up with “TRON: Legacy,” which raises many questions (watch the episode). But, who knows how events will develop the lead into the movie. Then again, is this series canon? Or, is it a stand-alone universe? Either way, it’s fun, action-packed, and beautiful. I certainly can not wait to see more!

TRON: Uprising premieres June 6 on Disney XD at 9/8 central. Watch and enjoy!

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  • Trader Sam:

    I saw this on the Disney Channel a couple of nights ago! It was on Disney XD, too. I believe it is re-playing on Monday.

    Looks like a lot of fun. I need to step back and not criticize it too much. It is a kids’ show, after all. The important thing is to just enjoy it, like I do with the “Legend of Korra“.

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