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Our first submission from a contributing artist comes from Becky. This model first appeared on the Fan Board quite some time ago, and was only available for a short time. Well, now it’s back, and you can build this wonderful little train station once more. All aboard!

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  • Brad:

    YAY! I was hoping this model would come back…I want to use it (enlarged) to make a depot for my garden railroad!

    • Trader Sam:

      Great! Send in pics for the Fan Board.

    • Becky:

      Hey! (she said laughing out loud hysterically) I did that! Christmas 2010 I used it as a station in front of a circus on my G and Standard Gauge holiday layout! I’ll get you the files! : )


  • Will T.:

    I always like having mini-projects like this whenever I don’t have the time or motivation to build something bigger. I used inkjet transparencies for the roof decor – my X-Acto knives just aren’t sharp enough to cut that precisely!

    I have one question: what are pieces 13, 14, 15, and 17 for? I can’t find them in the photograph included with the parts (which I’ve been using as my “building instructions”).

    • Trader Sam:

      Becky is better qualified to answer that. Becky?

      • Becky:

        13 through 15 are a crooked smokestack, which is just visible on the left side of the photo. Parts 17 are strips of “clay tile” to trim the corners of the roof. That particular incarnation of the model also used transparencies for the ironwork and vellum for the windows. Unfortunately it got squished!

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