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  • Country Bear Jamoree Playhouse Paper Model

The Country Bear Jamboree Playhouse is contributing artist Fred Folger’s first submission. This beautiful paper play-set is highly detailed, and sure brings back many wonderful memories from my Disneyland youth.

Fred is already brainstorming wonderful new of projects.

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  • Brad:

    WOW! I MUST build this! Along with everything else I can’t seem to find time for, lol.

  • Will T.:

    Truly amazing. I know what my next big project is now!

  • Becky:

    Very cool Fred!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! : )

  • Lost Boy:

    So far I have the Main Stage and all four side stages done and attached. I though that this was based on Disneyland’s version, but I can tell from the side walls that it is based on WDW’s version. I am going to make some changes to the side walls to make it Disneyland’s version. Then I just have to make Teddy Bearra’s swing and roof segment and it’s all finished. Then just find a place big enough to display it. This is an incredible paper model and the detail is fantastic. The only complaint I have is that the paper bear figures are really too small in comparison to the stages. I can hardly wait to see what Fred is working on next,

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