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I’m finally back home from my weekend trip. Well, it was supposed to be a weekend trip. But, I ended up staying for nearly a full week. You see, I went to visit my mother. She had been in the hospital for over a month, and I had heard that she was improving. Since she had been yo-yoing in health, I waited for a high point to see her. I had seen her at a very low point, and I had no desire to witness that again.

I stayed at my mother’s house to keep my sister (who has been taking care of our mother) company. While there, I took some photos to share quite possibly the childhood source of my Disney fanaticism.

The Wonderful Worlds of Walt Disney is a four-book set that my sister (my other sister) and I had as children. I flipped through the pages of art and colorful stories, enthralled by it all. I even enjoyed the slightly musty smell (it’s still there!). Copies can still be purchased online at a low price on Etsy, maybe even eBay. I’ve thought about buying a set (complete with cardboard slip cover), but it just wouldn’t be the same. Although, it would be nice to at least have a slip cover to protect the aging treasures.

Rather than go on and on, I’ll let the images tell the story.

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Our mother passed away Sunday, September 2, 2012 at the age of 55.

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  • Brad Day:

    oh, my gosh! I have that same set from childhood and was just referenced it in a Facebook post yesterday morning. They sit in a place of honor on my bookcase right behind where I’m sitting right now. I know what you mean about the “slightly musty” smell, too! I LOVE these books and think, for me, they began my fascination with all things Disney. Thanks for the great memories.
    Brad Day
    Kingston, WA

    • Trader Sam:

      The best part is that they may be “coming home.” I’m well known for being the Disney geek in the family, so I may get them back. They even still have my name written in them from when I took one to show & tell.

      My nephews are a little rough on things (otherwise, I’d like the books to go to them), especially books. But, they’re always asking for a bedtime story when they visit, so it would be nice to have them handy.

  • Mike Sanders:

    i have the book set also i got mine on ebay and love the artwork that is thru the whole book set
    also bought the rare wonderful world of knowledge books just have on my shelf and show to people
    got 2 versions of them also fun to look at and see how the world has changed in 40 years since the first printing

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