The Pumpkin King

Trader Sam

The pumpkin king is coming to your town! This life-size paper model of Jack Skellington is a great activity, and is a fairly cheap way to add a great Halloween prop to your decor. I’m very tempted to build one and place it in a window with some dramatic lighting.

You will need Pepakura Viewer to print the files.

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    Designed by Paper Juke.

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  • Bruce Roberts (@Lost_Boy91405):

    This looks very cool, but using that viewer is impossible. I can’t keep looking at a computer screen to see what goes where and there are no printing instructio at all. If this is live sized how will all these parts go on an 81/2 X 11 sized paper. Same with the diorama. I am kind of afraid to even attempt to print out anything and just end up wasting paper. And most of what is written seems to be in French and that is no help either. I wish people could just use PDF to make the parts. I am glad you posted this but I wish there was more information, like something I could print out with instructions and numbered parts.

    • Trader Sam:

      I agree that Pepakura isn’t the best way to go, but it does work.

      When you open the file in Pepakura Viewer, everything is already laid out onto individual sheets. The right-side of the viewer shows a large white area with a dashed grid pattern. Each section of the grid is a full page.

      The left-side of the screen is a 3-D view of the parts and where they go. You can rotate the model to any angle by dragging your mouse in that window. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. If you click on a part in the right-side of the screen, the left-side screen highlights the part for you.

  • Trader Sam:

    Hey, if anyone actually builds this, please send in photos!

  • johnjonbojohn:

    Does anyone know how it supports itself? Thats a lot of weight on such tiny legs and the longer the legs the more wobbly it would be. I want to build it for my classroom :

    • Trader Sam:

      That’s a good question. Perhaps you could use fishing line to suspend it from the ceiling so that it stays in a standing position? Or maybe some well-positioned pvc pipes (attached to a weighted base) inside the legs?

      I’d build one myself, but I’m just getting started on this year’s Halloween treats. Maybe if I finish ahead of schedule, I’ll take a shot at building it.

      • Anonymous:

        I have all the pieces printed and am trying to find time to sit and put it together. It doesn’t seem that it would take too long to build as the pieces are larger. I’m sure I will end up eating my words later…
        In the mean time I have been thinking of different ways to support it. Normally when I do papermodels I stuff them with plastic grocery bags to help retain their shape. I never thought of suspending it from a ceiling, that would definately keep it upright. My goal is to “break” it into sections so that it can be stored. As it is more of a Halloween piece. If I get a chance to build it, I’ll post with how that worked out and how it holds up to itself.

        • Trader Sam:

          I hadn’t thought of stuffing it. Good idea!

          Sadly, I will not be able to build Jack this year. I’m way too busy.

          • Anonymous:

            someone plz can send me the file via email i canĀ“t download it

  • maru:

    someone please send me this file via email, i can’t download the file on paperjuke

    • Trader Sam:

      Paper Juke moved his website. The link has been updated.

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