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Posted June 8, 2013 by Trader Sam

google_ts google_tdeTo avoid any confusion, there are now two Google+ profiles. The profile that I was using before was designed for individuals. Yesterday, I discovered what are called Google+ Pages, which are basically the same thing, but designed for brand entities.

The old Google+ profile is now Robert Nava’s (a.k.a. Trader Sam) profile. It will be used for friends, family, and the occasional Disney blurb. Of course, those Disney blurbs will also be posted into the new official Google+ page for the Disney Experience. All relevant posts have been re-posted onto the new page and deleted from the old one.

If you were following Trader Sam before, you may want to head on over to the new page and add the Disney Experience to your circles. It’s okay if you decide to remove Trader Sam from your circles; you won’t miss any Disney posts.

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