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Posted August 18, 2007 by Trader Sam

Since I’ve been systematically replacing system icons with Disneyfied ones, I’ve looked into redesigning my logon screen as well. I just finished designing a logon screen with LogonStudio, and while I’m pleased with the design, I may end up switching back to the original Windows version. I’ll stick with it for a little while.

After modifying the logon screen, there’s some missing text when the computer shuts down. I like seeing those messages, because they let me know that the computer is saving my preferences and shutting down properly (on very rare occasions, it freezes at the shut-down screen). I just feel better knowing what’s going on.

The design isn’t perfect, either. It only works for one account, otherwise the graphics don’t line up correctly. It was such a pain in the butt to get just right. This is definitely the last time I will ever create a logon screen, despite how nice it came out.

I also designed a new wallpaper, based on the logon screen . . .

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