Disneyland Field Trip: Behind the Scenes of Fantasmic!

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The Disney Experience

Maker Camp LogoA partnership between Make: and Google, Maker Camp is “a FREE summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring […] online and in your neighborhood!” It runs from July 7 to August 15, 2014.

This Friday at 11am Pacific Time, Maker Camp will be going behind the scenes of Disneyland‘s Fantasmic! It will be broadcast live (right after the LEGO tour), and then uploaded to YouTube for viewing at your leisure. We’ve posted the video below for your convenience.

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There are 2 comments.

  • Bruce Roberts (@Lost_Boy91405):

    It would be nice if you could actually watch this mess. The video has so many pop ups that cannot be removed because they are so close to the bottom that the control panel pops up and covers up the annoying pop up ads. When you can play it the video is jerky, stops and starts and the sound is horrible. You really need to clean up the videos you post because this happens all the time. All other videos I play work just fine. I have no idea why this one is so bad and it was something I was looking forward to watching.

    • Trader Sam:

      Sorry, Bruce, but I have no control over video quality or pop-ups. I just put the YouTube’s video link into the post, and the video appears. Since it was a live broadcast, it is naturally a little bit jerky. Plus, YouTube’s live broadcasts are notorious for not always working correctly . . . or at all.

      I’ve been having trouble watching videos directly on YouTube from my computer. I don’t get the pop-up problems that you have, but the videos only load halfway, then freeze. Sometimes reloading the page works, but not always. I think something may be up either with YouTube or my ISP.

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