45 Years of Fears and Cheers

The Haunted Mansion

Trader Sam

Fortune Cards Tuck BoxToday is the 45th anniversary of Disneyland‘s Haunted Mansion. As a little treat for you board game geeks out there, I have designed a much-needed tuck box for the “Escape from the Haunted Mansion” board game to safely hold all of the Fortune Cards. It has been added to the game parts as a separate download. Just print it out, score, fold, and glue (follow the instructions carefully).

"Clue: The Haunted Mansion" Custom Tuck BoxAs a personal side project, I also designed a custom tuck box for the official “Clue: The Haunted Mansion” board game. I personally own the tin box version, but it should work for the cards in the cardboard box version, too.

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