Grim and Spooky

The Beast's Castle Wallpaper

The Disney Experience

  • "Meet the Robinsons" Orphanage WallpaperVisit Website
    Designed by Louie Mantia.
  • The Beast's Castle WallpaperVisit Website
    Designed by Louie Mantia.

Here are two wallpapers that are a little grim and spooky.

Louie Mantia has also changed his website, breaking many links to his wallpapers. But, they’ve all now been corrected. If you ever encounter a broken link, let us know so that we can either fix it or remove it.

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There are 2 comments.

  • Louie:

    Hey sorry about breaking everything!

    • Trader Sam:

      No problem, Louie! Things change, and I need to keep up on things.

      It was nicer (and easier to link to) when every wallpaper had its own page. But, something like that would require putting together a template page that can change dynamically based on a database to be at all practical.

      Overall, I like your new website design. I liked the old one, too.

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