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Resizing Cogsworth Icon

The Disney Experience

Here’s something a little exciting to us. We have just begun resizing our original 32×32 icons to include sizes up to 512×512! Before, they only had 32×32, 24×24, and 16×16 sizes. The larger images are still pixelated, but that’s okay. We think it showcases the artistry that went into them.

We’re also renaming some icons to take advantage of modern computers’ abilities to read & display larger file names. It wasn’t always so, back in the day. The new names should be easier to read and find.

We will go through every icon set, beginning with the Beauty and the Beast icons and continuing page-by-page.

  • "Beauty and the Beast" IconsDownload for PCDownload for MAC
    A Disney Experience Original

As promised, the first four icon sets on page 1 have been updated. There would be more, but things got a little busy around here during the last few days. Rest assured that we are streamlining the upgrading process as we go, so they should come out quickly when we do work on them.

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