It’s Feeling Like a Pixar Kind of Day

Pizza Planet Rocket Paper Model

The Disney Experience

  • Luxo WallpaperVisit Website
    Designed by Louie Mantia.
  • Cars 2: Lightning McQueen Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Julius Perdana.
  • Pizza Planet Rocket Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Monkeyrum.

Yeah, it’s definitely a Pixar kind of day. Even more so if you use Louie Mantia’s wallpaper. It’s hard to tell in the small image, but the pattern is made from the silhouette of Luxo, Pixar‘s lamp mascot.

Lightning McQueen is updated with graphics from the Cars 2 movie, and you can build your very own Pizza Planet rocket. Show of hands: who’s going to enlarge the rocket and affix it to the top of their car? Anyone?

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