Falling Apart

Posted July 22, 2015 by Trader Sam

Doorless Chambers LogoIt is my unfortunate displeasure to announce the second death of the Doorless Chambers website. Due to the lack of time and money on my part, and the lack of interest of the public, I am forced to close it once again.

Now, that’s not to say it’s spirit won’t live on. We’ll continue to have our annual Halloween treat right here on the Disney Experience. Oops! Sorry, I meant the Haunted Experience. And, for those of you who are collecting the Young Frankenstein Posable Figures, they will continue over at the Nava Designs website.

Doorless Chambers will close in early August, 2015.

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  • Ray O'Bannon:

    BUMMER! I was planning to join this year, with 29 ‘treats’ (in addition to the 100+ free paper toys at my main site). Ah well… if things change, feel free to look me up.

    Ray (

    • Trader Sam:

      I love your site. I’ve been there many times over the years.

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