The Ultimate Update

Posted September 9, 2007 by The Disney Experience

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    A Disney Experience Original

The Ultimate Disney Computer System has been overhauled. It now features well over 100 brand-new system icons, a brand-new wallpaper, and a Windows XP logon screen.

The Disneyesque icons (135 in total) have been designed to replace many of the default Windows icons. We recommend a program like IconPackager to easily replace icons and avoid having to mess with delicate/critical system files. Mac-compatible versions of the icons are available as well.

If you’re looking for the old icons that were offered, they will be added to the icon vault.

The logon screen requires Logon Studio (free). This was our first and last attempt at designing a Windows XP logon screen, so enjoy it. The logon only works if you have a 1024×768 screen, and if you only have one user account.

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