Good? Evil? A bit of both?

Maleficent Bust Paper Model

The Disney Experience

This wonderful Maleficent bust would be perfect as a centerpiece for your Halloween party. Now is the time to start thinking about spooky decor and food!

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    Designed by Sabi96.

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  • Bruce Roberts:

    It is impossible to download this model. The site is only allowing you to download a PDO version that will not download no matter how hard you try. Downloading these newer paper models are just getting out of hand with security issues. This used to be a fun hobby, now it’s just impossible.

    • Trader Sam:

      I didn’t have any problem downloading the RAR file. Inside is not only the PDO version (as a visual building guide), but two different PDF files (one lined, one unlined). There’s a black bar across the top of the website with a download button. The bar fades away after a few seconds, but re-appears when you move your mouse to the top.

      Here’s a direct link (no AdFly hoopla) to the Google Drive folder, for anyone interested:

      I understand your security concerns, Bruce. Unfortunately, I can’t control how other people choose to distribute their models. Unless something is known to be absolutely dangerous, I have to choose to either post it or not. To do the latter means that everyone misses out. I really wish downloads were more direct, and we didn’t have to jump through so many hoops.

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