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Just for fun, I’ve added a new wallpaper. It’s based on the Disney Parks Web site, and it’s beauty in simplicity.

On a further note, I’d like to mention an email that I believe merits mentioning. Alex wrote:

“I love the site, and all the Cursors and Icons it has to offer. But it only customizes users computers to a limited level. I found WinCustomize thru one of my friends. It offers a number of applications that completely change the look and feel of a computer. WindowBlinds is amazing because the entire interface changes. It’s like working on your very own operating system as opposed to the default look of windows or mac, where you can pretty much only change the colors.

“My point? I think your site should hook up with someone over at WinCustomize who makes these themes, and knows how to customize them, for a couple of Disney themes. There are a couple already, I found a Tigger one. But a nice default Disney theme, based off the “Dreams” scheme or a red/black/gold Mickey theme, a Pirates or Haunted Mansion theme. The list can go on. I think if the users or visitors on your site know about WinCustomize, or even get introduced to it, would LOVE the idea of a complete Disney theme. It takes computer customizing to the next level, and I believe that’s the focus point of your website.

“Sure the full customization thing is for users who are all about their computer, and are obviously using it to the extent. So all the average users see your site as a goldmine. When advanced users like myself, long for more and hope one day [after some good suggestions], that the site will bring nearly everything computer customization can bring. Along with advanced users, their willing to spend on their computer. I’d have no problem buying one of these Disney themes if I liked it. Just an idea… another way to help funds on the site.”

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Thanks for the email Alex.

Alex brings up some good points, but I can only stretch myself so far. Remember: I’m the only one who runs this site. I do all of the Web layouts & graphics, I do most of the wallpapers, I design paper models & produce CDs, I’ve dabbled in fonts, I create fun miscellaneous projects, I design icons & mouse cursors, I Blog, I photograph, I even do a little work for other sites (,, Magical Memories) on occasions. And that’s just in my free time. I also do Web graphics & layouts for other sites, I design and create business cards, I digitally retouch/repair photos, I draw & paint, and more. I’d love to do a WindowBlinds skin or two, but at this point, I’m afraid my imagination would get the better of me, and I’d become obsessed. And that wouldn’t bode well for the other projects that I’m working on.

WindowBlinds looks like an amazing program, and it certainly needs mention. I’ve known about the program for quite some time, but I’ve never thought it was necessary to mention it, oddly enough. Well, shame on me! For anyone who wants to REALLY customize their computer, give WindowBlinds a look. To see what some people have designed, check out the wonderful WindowBlinds skins at WinCustomize. Maybe some of you will become inspired to create your own Disney skins and submit them to the Fan Board. Better yet, there could be a WindowBlinds skin section waiting to be added to this site in the future.

The Disney Experience isn’t a one-stop, end-all solution to computer customization. It’s a beginning. And if this site is just the beginning, imagine what can REALLY be done. Be inspired!

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