It’s Been 54 Years

Trader Sam

Back in 2005, I had this animated splash screen up to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. Many of you have asked for it, so I’m posting this bit of nostalgia.

The audio is from the Remember . . . Dreams Come True fireworks show. The castle photo is one of my own, although I did have someone try to claim it as their own.

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  • Jon:

    You need to make this into a downloadable screensaver!!!
    I would love it!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex:

    Me too!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee:

    Please make this a screensaver or a least make it so we can download it just to keep.

  • Trader Sam:

    If this was a screensaver, wouldn’t the music get redundant? I know I’d go nuts if I heard the same short clip play over and over again.

    As far as downloading it as-is, you can if you know how. But, I’ll make it easy on you. Right-click this link, and select “Save Link As…” (wording may differ on each browser). Save the file to your computer and replay to your heart’s content.

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