Monthly Giveaways

Support this website, and win! Periodically, the Disney Experience will give away one or more prizes. To participate, all you have to do is make a minimum $1 donation by the end of the month (Pacific Time). It doesn’t matter how you donate: PayPal or some other means.

Each whole dollar that you donate will count toward a separate entry ($5 = 5 entries), increasing your chances of winning. There is a limit of 10 entries per person, so donating more than $10 will not get you more—although the extra donation is more than appreciated.

Did you donate before the giveaway started? As long you made a donation in the same month that the giveaway began (giveaways sometimes start later in the month), you’re automatically entered.

When filling out your contact information, be sure to use a valid email address—this is how we will contact you. Winners are drawn at random and announced in the comments of the giveaway’s post within 3-4 days.

Rules and restrictions may vary with each giveaway. Please read the details in the applicable post for details. If you have questions, please feel free to either leave a comment on that post or send an email.

Winners of the previous giveaway are not eligible for the current giveaway.


Are you interested in sponsoring one of our giveaways? Contact us with your thoughts and ideas. Spots are limited, so don’t delay; reserve your month in advance.

By sponsoring, you help this site meet its monthly operating costs (guests make donations), you get free advertising for the entire duration of the giveaway (typically one full month), and guests win prizes. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Monthly Giveaway: February-March, 2015

The Disney Experience

"Build Sleeping Beauty Castle"

It’s been far too long since our last giveaway—over two years! Let’s remedy that by giving away the copy of “Build Sleeping Beauty Castle” that was reviewed in a previous post. And, since it’s so late in the month, all entries made in the months of both February and March are eligible to win. Keep […]

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Monthly Giveaway: September, 2012

The Disney Experience

We’re happy to have sponsoring this giveaway again this year. They’re giving away one Disney costume, valued at up to $60, of your choice from their website. The costume will be shipped directly to you, free of charge, and in time for Halloween. This prize is limited to U.S. residents only.

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Monthly Giveaway: August, 2012

The Disney Experience

Avengers DVD

All $1 donations are automatically entered to win, and each dollar counts as an entry. So, the more you donate, the better chance you have of winning. All donations must be received by August 31 (Pacific Time), 2012. Winner(s) will be selected at random. Check the comments in this post to identify the winner. It […]

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Monthly Giveaway: October, 2011

The Disney Experience

All $1-minimum donations are automatically entered to win. Donations must be received by October 31 (Pacific Time). Winners are selected at random. You know what? Since we’re having a special, extra-long Haunted Experience, and I’m in the Halloween spirit, let’s take that left-over prize from last month’s giveaway and open it up to everyone for […]

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Monthly Giveaway: September, 2011

Trader Sam

All $1-minimum donations are automatically entered to win. Donations must be received by September 30 (Pacific Time). Winners are selected at random. Yeah, you read that right. One dollar! Wait . . . there’s more. Each dollar donated counts as a separate entry, increasing your chances of winning a prize. How awesome is that!? Are […]

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