"Disney Magic" Award Application

Do you think your Disney web site is worthy of the Disney name? Submit your site using this form. Selected sites will receive an award to place on their web site and will gain a gold, silver, or bronze ranking. The site will then be added to the Awards page and mentioned in the Site News. BEWARE: we hold high expectations for Disney websites!

Sites will be judged upon:

  1. Content: Your site should contain 80-90% Disney-related material and should be family friendly (no adult content). There should also be an adequate amount of material to entertain visitors.
  2. Neatness: Your site should be tidy, and it must be easy to navigate.
  3. Originality/Uniqueness: Your site should be an original design/creation and/or be unique in some way.
  4. Quality: Your site should be professionally displayed and maintained.
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