The Muppets Break a Website

Posted February 18, 2010 by The Disney Experience

Get a custom Muppets experience! Enter your name, and watch as the characters create havoc that completely destroys a website in true Muppet fashion. If you have a common name, both Miss Piggy and Kermit will say it.

After the website is in shambles, you’ll be re-directed to Web page where you can email friends a link to their own customized experience. But, don’t do anything yet . . . there’s more! Hit your browser’s back button to revisit the broken website, and you’ll get a new video with Sam the Eagle. When finished, you’ll be forwarded to the email page. Hit the back button again for one last video, starring Gonzo.

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  • cdguyknit:

    Somebody wake up Disney! The site isn’t working! =(

    • Trader Sam:

      Seems to be working for me. Try again. Make sure that you have cookies enabled, and that you have the latest version of Flash Player.

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