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Welcome, valued Guest, to the Disney Experience―an online source of everything you need to add a touch of digital magic to your life. I am Trader Sam, your gracious host and Webmaster. As a fan of all things Disney, you're part of a family that holds the secrets of a unique brand of magic that only the young-at-heart can wield.

What's Inside

Finding all of the new things in each site edition is a breeze. The Site News is a list of recent news and activity, but for a more comprehensive listing of downloadables, check out the Newest Downloads. Simply click on a link, and off you go! Exploring the site is just as easy; all of the primary site features are available on the menu (above).

The Disney Experience offers a multitude of digital media to liven up your computer. Combine icons, cursors, wallpapers, and more to create your own desktop theme.

In addition to everything listed above, visit the Projects and Crafts page, a collection of miscellaneous projects for the whole family. Learn to write in Atlantean (an online course taught by Milo Thatch), learn how to make Mickey Mouse pancakes, or create the ultimate Disney computer! But the fun doesn't stop there.

Special Events

The Disney Experience also hosts special events, contests, sneak previews, exclusive offers, and links―all to extend the fun!

Every summer, the Disney Theme Park Attractions is a featured event―it's your chance to get new theme park-related downloads. If you're in a sharing and creative mood, you can have some of your own artistic creations posted on the Fan Board (restrictions apply).

October is a very special time for the site. Each Halloween, the Disney Experience becomes the Haunted Experience, complete with a spooky site makeover (usually themed to either the Haunted Mansion or the Disney villains).

Every so often, we have a Monthly Giveaway. Entry is free, but if you want a better chance of winning, a donation goes a long way. Every dollar that you donate gives you an added entry (up to 20).

For the Fans

If you have a Disney fan site, you can apply for the "Disney Magic" Award. Winners get a link placed on the winners page and an award to place on their own website. Keep an eye out for special material such as the icons and mouse cursors created exclusively for DoomBuggies.com and TellNoTales.com.

And finally, there are a few guest services that you may find useful. Read the F.A.Q. section for answers to common questions. Have additional questions, concerns, or praise? You can contact Trader Sam directly.

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