Frequently Asked Questions, Answered by Trader Sam

Can you teach me how to make paper models?

"Can you teach me how to make paper models?"

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Designing paper models is a tedious, time-consuming process. Teaching is even longer. It takes years to develope the skill, and each designer has their own process.

There are no set rules or programs to use. When I started out, I used Flash, and I did all of my own calculations by teaching myself mathematical geometry. I now use Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe® Acrobat, and Pepakura Designer. To get a feel for my process, have a gander at "Designing a Paper Model." You can also find videos on our YouTube channel.

Can I make requests?

"Can I make requests?"

Sure! But, the chances of the request being fulfilled is very low.

There exists a very long list of projects on the to-do list. So, unless you have an idea that will pique interest or spark the imagination, don't count on seeing it any time soon. But, hey, you never know, so why not try anyway?

Are there desktop themes?

"Are there desktop themes?"

There are NO desktop themes available. The purpose of the Disney Experience is to encourage you to customize the way your computer looks. A desktop theme usually contains icons, mouse cursors, wallpaper, fonts, and sounds. Almost everything you need is at your disposal, right here in one website. But that's not to say that you can't combine the materials here with materials from other sites.

Can I redistribute material?

"Can I redistribute material?"

No! Don't do it—even if you think you're helping! A TON of time and effort go into creating material for the Disney Experience.

Many of the paper models are fully supported by Disney, so redistributing them (or derivatives) is illegal, and you WILL be reported. You definitely don't want Disney knocking on your door!

The only material that you may freely redistribute are the fonts and any wallpaper that DOES NOT have the website logo in the lower left-hand corner. You MAY NOT link directly to any files, only to this website. You MAY display images of wallpapers, so long as you only provide a link to this site or the page that the wallpaper can be found. Do not download and redistribute wallpapers unless they conform to the conditions mentioned above.

Why are there so few things for Macs?

"Why are there so few things for Macs?"

Almost everything is designed with PCs in mind—running Windows '95 through Windows 8. Since I do not have access to a Macintosh, I cannot accommodate both formats all of the time.

How do I install everything?

"How do I install everything?"

Installation instructions can be found on every page where required.

My computer crashed. Please send me the lost files.

"My computer crashed. Please send me the lost files."

Missing files cannot and will not be sent to you if your computer crashes or you accidentally delete them. To prevent this from happening, we strongly recommend keeping a backup copy of your data.

How often is the website updated?

"How often is the website updated?"

The Disney Experience updates at random intervals, and sometimes spurts. You should keep yourself up-to-date by reading the News, following us on Twitter, following us on Google+, or using the site's News feed.

Who are the staff?

"Who are the staff?"

The Disney Experience is all designed and maintained by one person: Trader Sam. However, we do have artists who contribute to downloadable goodies. We also have a collection of links to outside websites for you to enjoy other works.

I'd like to contribute to the Fan Board.

"I'd like to contribute to the Fan Board."

If you contribute something for the Fan Board, it may not appear right away. There may be other submissions that need to be posted first, more display time is needed for the ones already posted, or there are not enough submissions to justify an update. All submissions are saved, so you don't have to resubmit unless requested.

I'd like to exchange links/buy advertising space.

"I'd like to exchange links."

Link exchanges are not accepted. We prefer to have links to the site because other people believe it merits one. Likewise, we place site links to other sites that warrant attention based on their content.

If you like, you may submit your site for a "Disney Magic" Award.

What is a "contributing artist?"

"What is a 'contributing artist'?"

A contributing artist is a talented individual who creates original content for the Disney Experience. However, the artist maintains full ownership, and he/she can remove the content at any time for whatever reason.

Typically, a contributing artist does not have the means (website) to publicly distribute their content on their own.

Can I become a contributing artist?

"Can I become a contributing artist?"

It's possible. If you're interested, contact us.

You should have existing samples to show both your work and your style. Photos/artwork samples will suffice; please do not send actual files unless they are small.

Be warned that there are high expectations. We want only the best for our guests to download.

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