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Posted March 9, 2011 by Trader Sam

It seems that every time I take photos of the parks I have high expectations that the photos will look stunning the moment I see them on a large screen. Inevitably I find myself disappointed at just how booooring the pics turn out. “Golly… these look outright crummy!”, I shout.

I’m no professional photographer and I always expect to need a bit of post-production magic to make the shots look half-decent. But lately I’ve realized something else. The kinds of park photos I can’t stop staring at all come from olden-ages when unassuming tourists used actual film and entirely non-digital cameras. No really, they did. Add to that a few decades of fading hues and we get beautiful and interesting imagery. Since I don’t have one of those cameras and I don’t know if stores actually sell film anymore, I’m left with digital pictures and Photoshop.

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It seems like I keep finding all of these wonderful websites!

Here’s one article that intrigued me. It’s a video of how to make your photos look old and vintage. It’s kinda funny, because I spend a lot of my time trying to make old photos look new. Here are my results with one of my own Disneyland photos.

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