Christmas in July: A Hallmark Moment

Posted July 27, 2011 by Trader Sam

Christmas comes early every July! That’s when the Hallmark stores release their first wave of Keepsake Ornaments. July 16-17 was this year’s debut. I typically collect only Disney ornaments, and this year, I have my eye on three. Over the weekend, I picked up the Clock Cleaners ornament, which features movement, light, and sound. Both C.L.U.’s light cycle and the Nautilus are on my radar as future purchases.

Disney ornaments can be found everywhere and just about in every store, but they don’t compare to Hallmark’s quality. Yes, they’re a tad expensive, but the workmanship can’t be beat, and they last for many years. I personally only collect what I know I will enjoy (usually 1-3 ornaments per year), and the collection does build up over the years.

All of these ornaments are on display at your local Hallmark store.

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  • Trader Sam:

    Goofy is made entirely of a translucent plastic, which is hard to see in the image. It really does give him a ghostly look.

    The Cinderella ornament really impressed me with its audio. The sound is loud, crisp, and clear, the best I’ve experienced from a Keepsake ornament in a long time.

    I should also note that, in the stores, all of these ornaments are within reach. You can grab them, hold them, and interact with them. Ornaments that require being plugged into a lighted cord are usually plugged in, and batteries are usually all installed and working. I enjoy pressing all of the buttons and watching the animations. The technology gets better every year.

    If you’d like to put an ornament out on display throughout the year, Hallmark usually sells ornament stands. There are also different types of hooks, and Christmas light plug adapters.

  • Trader Sam:

    If you’re looking for ANY Keepsake Ornament from past years, I highly recommend checking out Hooked on Ornaments. They have a huge selection at very reasonable prices.

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