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The Disney Experience

It’s here! The haunting season is upon us . . . well, it is for us.

Welcome to another year of the Haunted Experience. This year was a toss-up between themes: Pirates of the Caribbean or Nightmare Before Christmas. Decisions, decisions. Ultimately, the choice went to Nightmare despite wanting to do Pirates.

Today debuts the website’s new layout, which is very similar to the previous one. Only, this time we’re going with cleaner, simpler graphics, and Nightmare fitted with that look far more than Pirates. We’re also using HTML5 and CSS3 (still learning, but very similar to what we’ve been using in the past).

Along with the new layout comes some subtle improvements like new Special Event calendars, a new menu system, and the correction of several coding errors.

If you are viewing the website on a monitor wider than 1024 pixels, and you are using a modern browser with CSS3 support, you may have noticed the new graphic border along the bottom sides of the screen. If you scroll all of the way down, you will see a magical transformation.

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