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  • Brad Day:

    That is freaking awesome!!

  • Anonymous:

    Thanks guys! Good news, bad news. The bad news is I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to do for this year. The good news is I’ll have plenty to do next year! lol

    So, what’s new and where to look for it? We’ll start in Frontierland. Frontierland Station is a mix of walls I created based on photos of the original 1955 station and roofing panels borrowed from the DE Main Street Station kit (to keep the look of DL stations consistent). Accross the street and bordering the Jungle Cruise is Country Bear Hall. The walls and roof are textures I downloaded, but the balconies, railings and support posts are wood pieces. The whole structure has a depth of only 2 inches. Big Thunder Mountain also recieved an upgrade this year. I added a few inches to the front in order to add a loading platform and the trains recieved riders made of hot glue! If you look closely, you may even spot some “mouse ears” on some of the riders!

    Over in Adventureland there are 2 additions. Pirates of the Carribean has joined the fun as has the Enchanted Tiki room. Both of those structures are visible only from the extreme left end of the layout as they back up to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and, in the case of POTC, the Christmas tree stand.

    Switching to the other side of the tree, Fantasyland got a major upgrade this year. I finally built the full kinetic sculpture and clock tower for It’s a Small World. The gardens around the loading platform include several topiaries and lighting in the flower beds. Over at the Matterhorn, the first six Skyway gondolas are completed. (UPDATE: Disneyland reports a recent incident as one of the Skyway cables snapped sending it’s passengers hurtling 80 scale feet to the ground.) Liberty Square recieved a new resident this year in the form of a live oak called “The Liberty Tree’. It has 13 small lanterns hanging from it’s boughs and benches around it’s garden provide a welcome rest stop for the bigger kids visiting the park.

    And finally there’s Tomorrowland. Just like the real Disneyland version, ours has already undergone a major makeover. A new facade has been added to the back of the Main Street buildings creating a new grander entrance to the land. Unlike the real thing, our Moonliner was upgraded to a LARGER version! lol A ticket kiosk and a small garden also debut this year. Behind the Moonliner you just might spot something that looks a bit less then tidy. There’s a crane working back there and men are hard at work on the new Monorail station. There was a delay in the construction schedule due to some unforseen technical problems so the Monorail didn’t make it this year. The station however was close enough to completion to be included so it’s representing by itself for now.

    A few other “didn’t make it’s” of note. Over on the left side of Main Street I had planned to create Liberty Square flats just like what I did in Tomorrowland. However my other PC lost it’s mind so work ground to a halt. Tomorrowland was also to recieve several more building flats which would have given the land a more self contained look. In Fantasyland the Matterhorn still doesn’t have any bobsleds and the skyway is only about a third the size I planned for it to be. I want at least 12 more gondolas and recent events have shown me I need a much stronger cable system! : ) I don’t have a lot of room to work with so many of my structures have to at least dual if not multiple use. One of these is Toad Hall which also would have house Peter Pan’s Flight and Snow White’s Scary Adventures. But the biggest improvement that didn’t make it should perhaps be the most visible. I need more people! So this year I hope to make and paint at least 100 new figures to sit in the ride cars and roam the streets of our 6 themed lands. A few new vehicles would be great too!

    So, that’s what’s news at Disneyland of Ohio!


    • Trader Sam:

      That was more than a mouthful!

      In addition to my new RC Mark VII Monorail for my tree, I set up an aerial tram/skyway. It was given to me in January, and is from Germany.

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