A Trio

Mickey Mouse Paper Model

The Disney Experience

  • Mickey Mouse Paper Model
    Designed by Sabi96.
  • Russell Paper Model
    Designed by Julius Perdana.
  • Tinker Bell Paper Model
    Designed by Orel67.

Today, three great paper models by three different people are added to the ever-growing list of paper models.

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There are 5 comments.

  • Bruce Roberts:

    The Mickey Mouse figure is NOT a PDF file no matter what the file says. It opens but only as a PNG page and is sized for A4 paper only. A4 is a European sized paper that won’t work on American paper without a lot of extra fiddling around. I see that it can only be downloaded as a Art Only. I have saved it as such but don’t see it printing out correctly. I will try it someday when time allows. I will wait for some “real” PDF models from you as you seem to be the only one who knows how to make Paper Models that actually work.

    • Trader Sam:
      1. Clicking on the link takes you to an ad page.
      2. After five seconds, click on the big “SKIP AD” button in to top-right corner. You will be taken to a Google Drive page showing the contents of of the zip file (‘’). There are a total of 4 files (2 PDFs, 1 JPG, and 1 PDO)
      3. Click on the “File” menu.
      4. Click “Download” to download ‘’ and all 4 files.
      5. Print out the parts from one of the two PDF files. You can choose from a lined version (shows fold lines) and an unlined version.
      6. Use Pepakura Viewer to see where the pieces go.
    • Trader Sam:

      Yes, it’s for A4 paper as opposed to the common U.S. Letter size, but they’re still very similar. You can use Adobe‘s (assuming you’re using Adobe Reader) sizing options to automatically shrink the pages down so that they fit. I tried it, and they shrink only slightly.

  • Bruce Roberts:

    I did know about the ad you have to skip. But when I click on the so called PDF files they don’t open in the regular (latest updated version which was today) the open in something that only vaguely resembles Adobe Reader. They are just PNG picture files. There are 10 of them in 2 sets lined and unlined. That is what I get. But these are NOT regular PDF files. Maybe they are the Euro version. I don’t know. I did save them but clicking on them does not bring up Adobe Reader but some other version, and I know it’s not the PDO reader either. I guess I can make do with this version.

    • Trader Sam:

      Strange. They worked for me.

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