Doorless Chambers, 2014

Posted July 25, 2014 by The Disney Experience

Doorless Chambers LogoOnce again, the Disney Experience will be participating in this year’s Doorless Chambers event—exactly 3 months from today!

The online trick-or-treating is free for everyone, but you have to join the Neighborhood if you want to give out your own treats. The DEADline for sign-up is October 15, 2014, and they’re aiming for approximately 30 Neighborhood members this year . . . if not more. That’s at least 30 downloadable Halloween-themed goodies!

If you have a website, and you’re interested in participating (or you know a website that may be interested), go see what Doorless Chambers is all about. There are even badges, banners, and logos that you can download and use.

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