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What Does This Go Toward?

A message from Trader Sam:

Remember that for the past 15+ years, the Disney Experience has been all done by one person: me. This website is in no way owned, operated, or maintained by the Walt Disney Company.

Because I have to put forth the majority of the costs from my own pocket, I have to use a good portion of my time earning the extra money that keeps this website going. That gives me less time to spend creating content for you. But, with your help, I can shift my focus from working to creating and doing cool new things!

Your donations go toward (but are not limited to) the monthly operating costs of the Disney Experience, upgrading equipment, hardware & software, replenishing supplies, cool prizes, giveaways, and more.

I would really like to make the monthly giveaways a truly monthly event as the name suggests. And, I would like to create more Disney Experience branded donation gifts (t-shirts? buttons? magnets? postcards? pens?). But, the donations have never been at a level where I could do that. I have to set money aside a little bit at a time to get stuff like that, but, often, it ends up covering maintenance costs.

I deeply appreciate all of your donations, and I thank all of you who have helped support the Disney Experience over the years. Some of you have been very generous, and it's been unbelievable.

Donations are freely given by you, and are not tax deductable. This is a fansite, and is not owned, operated, or maintained by the Walt Disney Company.

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