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Mickey's Christmas Carol Wallpaper

Trader Sam

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy the holiday. I know I’m looking forward to it (it’s still early for me). While we were down last week, I took some time to whip up a couple of holiday gifts for you.

As a kid, part of what made Christmas special was staying up past my bedtime (a rarity due to a strict curfew) to watch the animated holiday specials: Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown, etcetera. But, my favorite was always “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.” It just wasn’t quite Christmas until I saw Mickey in that top hat and scarf. That one simple image announced the arrival of Christmas with as much pomp and circumstance of a Disneyland Christmas parade . . . at least, in my heart and mind. So, enjoy this heart-warming wallpaper.

  • Mickey's Christmas Carol Wallpaper
    A Disney Experience Original

Several days ago, I released a set of gift tags to print & cut out. I really enjoyed those, and started replacing the gift tags on already-wrapped presents. Then, I went back through my artwork to see if I could whip up another set. Sure enough, I was able to knock out another one.

If you did not see the update notice on that post, I added an additional file with outlines so that you can cut the tags out by hand. As an alternative to printing on sticker/label paper, you can print the sets on cardstock, cut them out, and use string (tape to the back, or punch a small hole) to attach them to gifts. Have double-sided tape? You can use that, too!

  • A Disney Experience Original

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